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10 Steps in the design process

Graphic design

We follow a series of initial steps to guide you through the design process as follows:

  1. An initial discussion of your concept and requirements
  2. Preparation of a brief project proposal for your evaluation
  3. Acceptance of the proposal
  4. Discussion on the final site specifications based on the proposal above
  5. Gathering of information and images to fill site areas
  6. Professional photographic images can be arranged
  7. Design of a draft layout for your appraisal
  8. Submission of a final layout prior to implementation
  9. Implementation on the web server and performance check
  10. Promotion of the website using search engines, web directories or social media

Photography and imagery

pjWaters PhotographyThe web is a visual world which means images are an important way of communicating your message. Consider our photographic services to enhance your website's visual appeal. Currently a member of the Australian Photographic Society.

Smartphones and mobile devices are increasing our web connectivity

Mobile devices

The convenience of smartphones and tablets makes these devices the preferred method of accessing the web for many users. They have the advantage of small size, a speedy wireless network, and clever web applications. Developing a website for mobile devices requires some thought on how long it will take to load on a mobile and also how it will look. Mobile users will generally only engage with efficient, mobile-friendly websites.

eCommerce and online shopping

eCommerceWe use leading eCommerce applications to provide fully featured and reliable eCommerce platforms. This means support for your secure payment gateway and automated backups to ensure system security. In developing your website, we make use of an array of advanced design tools to produce a website with the professional touch.


Web Hosting

Web HostingTo achieve the maximum download speed and 100% uptime from your website, we provide you with a reliable high performance business grade web and email hosting service.

Our preferred hosting providers include the larger, professional and experienced Australian owned hosting companies. We are able to supply your web hosting as an annual subscription which affords your website a fast, high bandwidth connection and no limits to the number of email addresses or data traffic. This is a very cost effective and simple solution for your web hosting needs.