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Bringing people to your website

Google analyticsAnalysing your web traffic

Google Analytics is used to log traffic into your website. This allows you to monitor daily, weekly and monthly usage, most popular page, what sites are referring users to you, what search engines are referring users to you, what keywords the search engines use to reference your site, what web browsers are used and user's country of origin.

SEO Search engine optimisation

You can use Search Engines exclusively to attract visitors but it can be hard work! How to get your name to the top requires knowing how each search engine ranks websites and how to incorporate these design techniques into your site. We use a number of techniques to achieve the best possible rankings on search engines. An important consideration is advertising on Google Adwords for a fee per click.

Direct linksDirect links are extremely valuable

Build a business network yourself by adding other people's links on your site and inviting them to include a link to your site in return (ie. reciprocal Links). Direct links are one of the best ways to feed serious traffic through your site. A credible website with many incoming referring links greatly enhances your google ranking. As a first step, add your website link to the signature line on all your email messages.

Social mediaSocial Media helps to engage with your customers

Video presentations using Youtube and the integration of Facebook or any popular social media into your website is an important consideration. It depends on what market you are targetting and how you can best interact with your customers.

Online marketingOnline Promotions

If your clients elect to receive email from you, a database of clients and contacts can prove a valuable asset for drawing attention to key features on your website. This could include featured products and services, product catalogues or price promotions. Also consider the marketing options that Google and social media can offer. Again it depends on knowing what audience your website is targetting.

Promotions and MarketingOffLine Marketing and Promotion

Simply owning a website won't bring visitors unless you are marketing and promoting yourself in the real world. Now that you own a well designed and informative site, it is a simple matter to incorporate your email and web addresses in all your communications. This includes business stationery, cards, leaflets, radio, TV and print media advertisements, newsletters, fax covers, telephone indexes and business directories. Don't forget "word of mouth".