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Website Maintenance

Web DevelopmentWebsite maintenance and updates are required to attract return visitors looking for new information about products and services that you have available.

Create a new feel to your website by including news stories, testimonials, more product images, new distributors and updated company information. It is also important to regularly check site statistics for most popular pages and see if other websites are referring visitors to your site.

Technical Support

HelpHelp is available to our valued clients for email setup and other maintenance issues to keep your website running smoothly. Our content managment systems and ecommerce applications also have video tutorials to assist you get up and running with editing your website. pjWaters can also assist you by providing timely web content updates if required.

It is important to keep your PC secure from harm when connected to the web. Here are some links to useful tools which will assist with protecting your PC from various forms of adware, spyware and viruses:
Ad Aware - Free Version Check and remove unwanted adware spyware popups etc
WinPatrol A free utility that alerts the user to hijacking of your browsers home page and other security breaches.
Mozilla Firefox An alternative browser to Internet Explorer which has better security against all of the above issues.
NOD32 AntiVirus An excellent antivirus package with daily updates available for a very reasonable subscription fee
Backing Up Data Try using a USB2 external hard drive for regular and fast data backups. Remember to save your email in a directory that is also included in your backup files. One very useful product with automated backup for all devices is Clickfree.